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Since 2014 We have listed the majority of our stock on our ebay shop, and kept people up to date on our Facebook page. Click the links to go straight to them:

Retrobloke-Records Ebay Shop

Retrobloke-Records Facebook Page


3rd January 2014 : CD Section Launched

For some time we've been considering adding CDs to the site. Some may say we're abandoning our pure vinyl roots, but there is no denying that CDs provide a convenient way of listening to music at a quality still far superior to MP3 downloads. Our new section, titled CD SHOP, can be found at the bottom of the vinyl category list. We will try and concentrate on quality titles from major labels, and ALL CDs will be priced at £3 or less. We have managed to get over a hundred on this week, and hope to add at least another thousand in the next couple of weeks.

There are also plans to add a music DVD section, as these are becoming harder to find. Finally we've long been considering adding a bargain basement section for vinyl, watch this space!

If you would like to share your opinion about us adding CDs to the site inventory, or about other future projects we are considering, we'd love to hear from you. Email

23rd December 2013 : Happy Christmas To You All

It has been a hectic build up to Christmas with a record breaking number of orders. Thanks to all our customers for your continued support. Next year we have big plans to add not only thousands more records, but introduce a CD section for the first time too.  

25th July 2013 : Goodbye Hendon

Last week we finally turned the closed sign on our London based store for the last time. Opened in the early 1990s, the real life Retrobloke store was originally called Promo records, a name which at the time encouraged lots of frustrated dance DJs to come in hoping for the latest white labels. Rebranded in the early 2000s, our shop became a popular haunt with London's record collecting fraternity. Situated a safe distance from the high priced tourist areas, we offered a broad selection of quality vinyl at prices far more reasonable than those in Soho, Notting Hill or Camden. Indeed, dealers from those high priced locations became some of our best customers.

At the beginning of 2013 our landlord decided to sell the building we leased, leading to our amicable eviction a few days ago. 
I'd like to thank all our regulars, it was fun, but not really as much fun as it used to be. We opened in an internet free era, no ebay, no amazon. Back in 1993 we had a section for Cassette Singles, VHS videos flew off the shelves, and you could buy Beatles 7" singles for 50p. Back then we would have a queue of people waiting for us to open on a Saturday, and were doing so well, we not only didn't open on Sundays, but not on Mondays either. 

In recent years sales have been in steady decline, our online sales overtook those in our shop many years ago. It's a sad time for vinyl bricks and mortar retail, as much as those die hard fans shout from the rooftops about how they love to browse, and cherish their local vinyl stores, their lack of support says otherwise. You can't blame anyone, life has changed, who really wants to trawl through countless shops hoping to find what you're looking for when you can just type the title into a site like this one. 

So, it's with a heavy heart that we had to close, but without the burden of maintaining a physical presence on the high street, this site is set to get bigger and better than ever!

24th September 2012: An Exciting Year Ahead at Retrobloke

We're happy to announce that from this week we'll be dedicated much more of our resources towards this website. In recent years our 'real' record shop has thrived, and most of our new stock has headed there, but over the past year, UK retail has suffered a lot, and unfortunately sales in our shop have slumped over the past six months.

The good news though, is that we haven't rested on our laurels, we've been building the most amazing selection of records for the site, enough for at least a year of amazing listings. Each week we'll be bringing you the best in collectible records, and of course in the best possible condition. I promise, no other site in the world will be able to compete with what we have waiting for you guys!

While we will occasionally list higher priced records on Ebay as well as the site, they will always be 10% cheaper on this site. It's our intention to continue building into the ultimate online destination for collectible records. Now, with the site taking priority over our shop, we'll have the records to do it! There's around 10,000 records headed for this site over the next year, and to keep it fun, we're doing it alphabetically, beginning this week with 'A'.

If you're a collector, a hoarder, a music lover,  a dealer, or just like seeing all these classic records again, keep up to date using our 'new additions' page, and our facebook page.

We know we have the best selection of rare records in the UK, we know we offer records in far better condition than our competition. We just need the rest of the world to realise, please help us spread the word. And to all our regular customers, huge thanks for your continued support, we couldn't do this without you!

15th May 2012 : Rare Soundtrack LPs heading to the site today

We are sorry for neglecting our news page for so long, for the latest news on what we're listing, please do sign up to our facebook page. Many thanks.

23rd December 2011 : More Site Listing and Xmas Greets

We've finally finished the bulk of our ebay listings and will start listing on this site again more intensely in the new year. We've now got 4000 items, mainly singles on our ebay shop, and it was with a heavy heart we had to resort to putting items back on there. The sad truth is, Ebay brings customers to the site, and until all those record collectors out there find out about us, and start using this site regularly, we'll reluctantly have to keep the Ebay shop topped up. Some of the old sellers like Vinyl Tap seem to have given up on selling outside of Ebay entirely, but don't worry, we see Ebay as a neccesary evil, but will never give up on building this site. 

I have to give a big thanks to all our site customers and friends this year, particularly our regular buyers, we couldn't continue to grow without you, and your support has been amazing. We will certainly strive to always bring the best of our items to this site, and plan for our site inventory to be significantly increased by this time next year.

An odd anomoly is that our site continues to grow in popularlity, as of today, we're the 13,838th most popular website in the UK, far more popular than the official record collector magazine site (180,000th), and far more popular than multiple seller site Gemm (42,000th). In fact, the only significant record selling sites we're behind are US giant musicstack (10,456th) and Esprit/EIL (5900th).
So, with traffic building, the future of the site is definitely bright, we just need to get our heads down and add 1000s more records,  and make this the biggest record collecting site in the world. Ambitious? maybe, but anything is possible ;o)

And with that positive spin, I wish you all a merry Christmas, and hope you all get something black and rare in your Xmas stockings.  

25th November 2011 : A Sprinkling of Punk

We've just added  a few Punk singles onto the site, our first additions for two weeks, apologies for those hoping for more. We have added several hundred singles to Ebay over the past fortnight, but now are getting ready to start building up the site again. Another 80 singles will be hitting the site next week, including Classic Rock and Folk titles.

21st October 2011 : Back to the Singles

Fans of our Facebook page will know that there hasn't been a complete listing drought over the past month. We've actually been adding 100s of 7" Singles to our Ebay Shop. It's always with a heavy heart that we devote any time to our ebay shop, we built this site so we could get away from the constraints of ebay. However, we're still not attracting the customers we need to make listing solely on this site viable, so currently need to split our listings between the two places. The hope is still that eventually we'll be able to abandon ebay completely and just grow the site inventory.

Anyway, today sees a return to 7" Single listings on the site, 116 added today, and more in the pipeline. If you're a dedicated single collector, it is well worth checking our ebay shop too, but we'll always try to make sure the best and most interesting records head onto the site - and this site only.

10th August 2011 : Slight Delay in Sending Parcels

Due to staff holidays our next posting day is Wednesday (17th). There will also be a delay in pricing lists or answering queries, but the office will be open and functioning, with normal stock listing and parcel receipt. Many apologies for any inconvenience.

1st July 2011 - 520 LPs added this week!

A pretty mega listing week this week, not only with some beautiful Blues LPs, but lots of Soul, Punk, 50s and 60s, Reggae and more. We'll be busy again next week, with some more Soul R&B, Jazz and 60s. And, hopefully get some more singles on too.

28th June 2011 - Display Issue Fixed + BLUES WEEK

Those of you who've signed up to our facebook page, will know that this week we're having a binge on Blues. Some really tasty original Blues LPs have already hit the site, so check the 'Latest Arrivals' page.  Today we've also listed 80 nice Blues LPs on our Ebay shop. We'll also have more rare Blues coming onto the site before the end of the week, so keep em peeled!

25th June 2011 - Please ignore the display issue ;o)

Today we seem to be having a bit of an issue with the look of the site, on the right side our spacing has gone out, and it's leaving some jagged lines. Don't worry, this is aesthetic only, and we'll be fixing it in the next couple of days with an update. Users of Safari may have noticed similar visual glitches, Please don't let it put you off buying records! ;o)

15th May 2011 - Five Days Left to Enter Our Facebook Prize Draw
We're giving away a classic Jimi Hendrix LP on our Facebook page this coming Friday, and all you have to is 'like' the notification (and the page) to win it. Don't miss out, currently there are only twenty people in the draw, so the odds are pretty good! Go to our Facebook page and get your chance to win.
11th April 2011 : It's Another 500+ Additions Week

Our biggest listing week since the end of January has seen nearly 600 records added in the past week. With another 250 heading for the site before Friday, this could be our biggest new additions week ever!

11th March 2011: Homepage Revamp & Facebook Addition

Regular visitors will have noticed our new look central front page section. You can now quickly navigate to the newly listed items, sell your records and news pages, and go straight to our Facebook page.

We've also added a new promotion, spend £20 or more on the site, and you can add a 20% discount voucher to your basket for use in our 'Real' London shop.

To celebrate today's relaunch, we're also offering a £5 discount on all orders over £20 on the site this weekend, simply type in the discount code 'Facebloke' when you go to check-out. And please tell your friends!

14th February 2011 : We hit the 15,000 Item Landmark!

As promised in January, we've now hit the 15,000 record mark on the site. Regular visitors will have noticed we've really picked up the pace with our listings in recent weeks, with over 450 items added this week already! We'll continue listing as fast as we can, and edge closer to our next target, but in return we'd love you to please tell your friends about the site, and help us continue to grow bigger and better.

4th February 2011 : It's a 600+ Additions Week!

This is one of the biggest weeks we've ever had for new records being added to the site. All LPs and 12" Singles this week, covering lots of genres, from 60s, 70s and 80s, through to rare disco, exotica and even world music. Next week we'll be adding some nice classic rock LPs, before getting stuck back into listing 7" singles, which we've been neglecting recently.

Remember to click the 'View All Recent Additions' button regularly, for a full breakdown of all the records we've listed in the past week, and the eight previous weeks. Using this function means even if you haven't visited the site for a couple of months, you can see all the new additions without searching through each section.

18th January 2011 : It's a 500+ Additions Week!
It's been a hectic few weeks catching up with listing, this week being the first week we've added more than 500 records since this new version of the site was launched back in April 2010. You'll find additions in most of the LP sections, and it could be over 700 new additions by the end of the week. The 15,000 item inventory total looms large, should only take another week or two.
23rd December 2010 : Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our customer. We couldn't continue without your support, so tell your friends, and let's make the biggest record site in the world!

6th December 2010 : Singles Week

Thanks to all the kind comments we've received from our customers regarding our new boost in listed items over recent weeks. We have many 1000s more to list in the coming months. To all those of your requesting more 7" Singles, we'll be listing them for the rest of this week, starting tomorrow. Remember, most of our items are listed with just a single quantity, so if you want it, buy it quick before someone beats you to it. And don't worry, if the item is shown as in stock, it's available, the site automatically removes items from stock as they sell.

8th November 2010 : Let Listing Resume!

Finally our listing drive kicks into gear. We are pleased to welcome, Sarah, the latest member of the retrobloke team who'll be dedicating the coming months to adding 100s of exciting LP and 7" additions to the site.
If you're new to the site, and are pleased with our items and service, please do tell your friends, the more popular the site gets, the more resources we can dedicate to helping it grow.

15th October 2010 : Google Issues sorted

After months of very low traffic, we've finally fixed the bug that was stopping our site and its listings being picked up properly by google. Due to very slow sales on this site since the Summer, we reluctantly returned to listing on ebay, but now with definite signs of improvement, we'll get back to adding records very soon. The bottom line is, the more popular this site gets, the more resources we can throw at it to make it grow, so tell your friends, and get them all checking out

2nd June 2010 : Listing 7" Singles Again

Today sees a boost to our 7" Single sections, as we begin to plough through our 45rpm stock. We've got another 300 singles ready, which will make their way onto the site over the next two weeks.  

28th April 2010 : Classical Section Boost

Over the years we've never really stocked much classical music on this site, strange considering it's such a popular area of record collecting. Things are set to change, and this week we are adding our first batch of classical LPs, with more headed to the site in the coming weeks.
6th April 2010 : Now running smoothly!

We've been busy over the weekend ironing out several issues with the payment system, and all is now working properly.
Automated email is now running correctly, and Paypal now comes back to the site after payment is made correctly.
Issues resolved, we can get back to adding new records to the inventory... thanks for your patience.
2nd April 2010 : We're finally LIVE! , but a few issues...

After much hair pulling and anxiousness, today we've finally gone live. We've been busy doing checks all day today, and have a few issues which are currently being sorted out. Currently there is a problem with automated email going out, though orders are processing fine.

Cheque orders are processing perfectly. Credit / Debit card payments through PROTX are processing perfectly, including 3D Secure security, so Maestro cards are all fine too.

We have a slight issue with our paypal payments, once you have authorised your payment through paypal, the button to return to the site is not working properly, but this issue is in hand.
We'll update you with fixes on this page very soon, but in the meantime, if anyone experiences anything odd while using the site, do let us know, email
5th March 2010 : New Site Almost Live

We're currently working on the page content of our new site layout, and hope to have the site up and running very soon, then we can finally get back to adding items.  

22nd February 2010 : Back to the Listing

Today we finally got back to adding items to the site. After weeks of moving boxes, building shelving, keeping on top of orders, and worst of all, filing!! , we're finally back to normal. Today sees our first new items added to the site since the big move, and we hope to have at least a couple of hundred new items on the site by the end of the week. You may note that there's a slight change to our lighting thanks to our new location. Hopefully you'll agree it's a slight improvement, and the new pictures are sharper than the old ones.

13th June 2009

50 Rare Records listed on Ebay every week!

We have started listing selected rarities on ebay, do check our ebay shop once a week to see what amazing records we have for sale. There are lots of rare Demo, Acetate and Promo releases, and lots of Super Rarities. Don’t worry, there’s still lots thousands more records to add to this site too!

7th June 2009

Some Site Issues - Revamp in progress

Apologies to anyone who has experienced problems with the site recently. Unfortunately we’ve been subjected to hacking, and have had issues with our home page on two seperate occasions now. We’re working hard not only to prevent this happening in future, but also on a brand new Retrobloke record site to replace the current one. Don’t worry, this site is still working as normal, all orders are being processed incredibly quickly. We’ll bring you more information on the new site later in the year, and hope to be live with plenty of time for the Christmas rush.

22nd August 2008

7” Singles Go Live!!

After months of sorting, photographing, grading and listing, the 7” Singles have finally gone live on the site. There are over 6000 singles in total, and they include all types of music. It’s meant the introduction of over fifty new sections, and we’ve updated all the section graphics too. That now gives a total of over 12,000 records online, and these singles have never been listed anywhere before, indeed, only around 5% were taken out of our London shop, the rest have just been accumulated in storage over the past ten years, awaiting this site to finally find its feet.

If you’re pleased the singles have been added, you’ll be even more pleased to know we have thousands yet to add. Now that the huge task of getting the singles sections opened is complete, updates will be much faster, so keep in touch with the site, or request updates by emailing Another addition to the site is the new ‘Super Index’ Page, which gives you a single page of links to every section on the site. Because of our shop-style lay out, this will hopefully help browsing by putting all the sections into one place. We’ve had some comments about the lack of back buttons at the end of pages, in fact, if you look at the bottom and top of each page you’ll see there is an ebay style ‘breadcrumb’ page system, meaning you can click back to the previous section, and its parent/s very easily from each page.

So, hope you enjoy seeing the singles, and more updates coming soon.

11th August 2008

Singles Getting Nearer!

We are just working on completing the huge Soul section of 7” Singles for the site, then we’ll be ready to go live with all the singles. Huge thanks for your patience, and we promise it will be well worth the wait.

01st August 2008

Seven Inch Singles Almost Ready!

For well over two months we’ve been beavering away on our 7” Singles, photographing, listing and grading them. We have already listed over 6000 in total, matching the number of LPs and 12” on the site. We still have to create new sections for them to go into, and put them into some kind of order on the site, which will take a couple of weeks, but we should definitely have the Singles live on the site by the end of August.
99% Of these singles have never been offered for sale anywhere before. We buy so many collections in our shop, that much of our stock has been in storage for some years. If you want to be the first to see these 6000 singles, email us and we’ll get in touch as soon as the update goes live.

13th May 2008

Another Huge Update

Over 1000 more LPs added, mainly in the sections missed out last time round. This pushes us to well over 6000 available LPs and 12” Singles on the site. Most sections have been updated, but the biggest additions are in the following sections:

Soul & R&B- Big update - Records added to all sections
Disco & Funk - Lots more 12” Singles, which have now been split between 70s & 80s. Some rare LPs too.
50s & 60s - More rare 50s LPs, and a big boost to our Elvis Presley section which adds another page.
Classic Rock - A sprinkling of nice LPs throughout the section
Metal - Section Doubled in size, with multiple pages for 80s and 90s LPs, and 80s 12” Singles.
Blues - More records added to all sections.
Jazz - Several hundred LPs added, expanding and adding pages to 1960s Jazz and Jazz Fusion.

Hip Hop - A few new 12s and LPs
Indie Alternative - A good update with lots more interesting LPs. Also new sections for ‘Smiths’ and ‘Nirvana’
Electronica - More hard to find LP added, creating an additional page.
Country - Primarily Male country artists added, with additional page.
Reggae - Expansion of 12” Single section, now three pages. New LPs too.
Punk - A sprinkling of additional LPs and 12s
Comedy - More in all sections, 60s & 70s comedy now split into multiple pages.
World Music - Some 1950s Brazillian 10” LPs added
Soundtracks - Huge update with 100s more LPs. New sections include Bollywood and Soundtrack Compilations.

We are now going to move on and create the 7” Single sections, this will take the next few weeks, before returning with the next batch of LPs.

30th April 2008

HUGE LP Update

Ok, the plan to upload weekly didn’t play out, instead we have revamped multiple sections and added over 2000 LPs to the site, pushing us close to 6000 available records in total.

Most sections have been updated slightly, but the major additions are in these categories:

50s & 60s

The Cliff, Roy Orbison and the Who get their own sections, the 1950s Rock and Roll section has doubled in size. There are now three pages of 1960s groups LPs, three pages of 1960s Male artists, and four pages of 1960s female artists.

Rock & Pop

Huge growth in this section, which has now been split into 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The seventies section has 100s of LPs added, and new major artist categories for Elton John and David Bowie. Huge expansion in the 1980s section too, with hundreds of 12” Singles added, and multiple pages of 1980s LPs.

Classic Rock

100s more Classic rock LPs have been added in all section. 1970s Rock Groups has now expanded to seven pages, the biggest individual section on the site.

Easy & Exotica

Compared to the poor offerings on rival sites, Easy & Exotica has become something of a Retrobloke speciality. To celebrate, we’ve added 100s more exciting LPs, and added new sections for Fun Fair & Carnival, and Transport related. If you’re looking for something weird and wonderful, this is the section for you!


A huge update has added 100s of Folk LPs to this section, and created new sections for Traditional Irish, Scottish and Welsh folk music.

The current plan is to add another big update in the next couple of weeks, before moving on to 7” Singles. To continue building this site at this pace does require customer interest, so if you like the site, do please tell your friends, and help us grow even faster!! More news soon.

2nd April 2008
Site Re-Launch Goes Live

No, we haven’t been sitting idle since the last update went live. We have been slaving away on getting the site filled with quality vinyl. This hugest of all site updates has just gone live today, and now pushes our inventory to just over 3500 LPs.  All items have photos, and all the sections now have stock in them. While some sections are more empty than others, you should be able to find plenty of exciting records here. There are also some pretty interesting new sections, check out our expanded Easy Exotica and Soundtrack sections.

More updates are going to follow quickly, with a 1970s Rock & Pop batch currently being readied for the end of next week. If you would like to be updated when the music you like gets added, just
emailand let us know.

5th February 2008
HUGE Soul, Disco & Funk Update

Ok, we’re finally getting into our stride, today sees the first of our themed updates. From now on we intend to update particular sections all in one go, so anyone checking this news page, can see whether a specific section has had new stock since they last had a look. The first of these big updates covers two sections, Soul & R&B, and Disco & Funk.

There are several hundred new records added to these sections, the Disco & Funk 12” Section now has three full pages. Disco LPs has grown too, and there’s a new section, Soul & R&B Compilation LPs, which includes a near full run of Street Sounds LPs. You’ll also find a big jump in our Soul LP stock, in all three sections, 1950s/60s, 1970s and 1980s.
We’ll now try to work in rotation, so while it will be a while till we get around to updating the Soul & Disco again, we’ll have a big boost to another section very soon.

1st February 2008

Site Issues and another New Update

The past two days have seen near constant problems with our shop section and checkout system. Thankfully, the issues were finally resolved this morning, and now the site is fully functioning and better than ever!
To Celebrate the end of our server problems, we’ve added another batch of interesting LPs. It brings the total number of LPs on the site to just over 1350. Still plenty more to do then ;o) More updates very soon.

23rd January 2008

Huge Update - 500 LPs added

The site is now fully up and running again, and tests show that is now running around 20% faster than before. The new update includes all kinds of music, all sections have had items added, but there is most significant additions to:

1950s & 60s LPs (Whole new page of Female vocal LPs)
Classic Rock LPs (Whole new page of 1970s Rock)
Rock & Pop LPs
Soundtrack LPs

There are also several new sub-sections for different types of music.

Rockabilly LPs (Within the 1950s & 60s LPs Section)
NuWave LPs (Within the Punk LP Section)
Gospel LPs (Within the Soul & R&B LP Section)
Windham Hill LPs (Within the Electronic/New Age Section)

We hope to have another big update soon, as we have thousands more exciting LPs ready to add.

22nd January 2008

While this news section may have been quiet, we’ve been beavering away on our stock inventory. However, when testing the increased stock online, it has resulted in a major slow down. The remedy is to move the inventory part of the site to a new internet location, but this means we have just over 24 hours of down time while the site relinks itself. This news section will be updated as soon as normal service is resumed. 

7th September 2007

The latest batch of items has just gone live. This time it includes lots of rarities, with big additions to The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Rolling Stones sections. There is also more stock added to the Classic Rock section and a new Rock n Roll section alongside 1960s Beat.

There are a few other interesting updates, a few more soundtracks and some rather funky Blow Fly exotica LPs. The new update also pushes our stock number over the 500 mark. It’s not a massive selection, but at least it’s starting to be worth a browse!

4th September 2007

Our third update has now gone live, nearly doubling the amount of available records within our shop. Most sections now at least have some records in them, some sections have good selections. For example the soundtrack and comedy sections are growing nicely, while the 1950s & 1960s section is set to expand with more categories very soon.

There are now over 400 items available, and in the next update we intend to add some of the beautiful high value rarities we have been been saving up for the past few years.
We have still had no comments or opinion about the lay-out of the site,  if you think we are moving in the right direction, or think we are doing things badly, we’d really love to hear about it. You can email us by clicking here.

14th August 2007

The second update has just gone live. We have doubled the number of items, but it’s still pretty sparse. We hope to have another batch of items uploaded in the next few days. Currently, Soundtracks is the biggest section.

11th August 2007

After many weeks of hard work, the new site has today gone live. The hardest part has been building and routing all the various sections. Hopefully this makes things easier to browse for, but we are always open to second opinions, so if you think the site is good this way, or could be better a different way, do email us.
There are currently only a small sprinking of items in the sections, just under two hundred. These items are of course all available for sale, and work is continuing now on building the database. We hope to have around 5000 items on this site
by Christmas 2007.

A huge thanks to all those customers who’ve kept in touch with this site, from the ‘List Heavy’ 1990s version, right through to the Ebay shop linked site we have been running for the past couple of years. Finally we’ve seen the light, and are going to work hard on making one of the best places online to buy records.
More updates will appear on this page as the site gets updated
Previous News has been lost on on the older versions of this site, but has actually been selling records online since 1999.
  retro games and vintage video games

Mickey Toliver and The Capitols - Millie
Mickey Toliver and The Capitols - Millie

£ 100.00

Joe Bennett and The Sparkletons - Black Slacks
Joe Bennett and The Sparkletons - Black Slacks

£ 100.00

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