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Like all second hand record shops, we rely on collections offered to us either in our London shop, or through the mail. The problem for us, is that it is very hard to judge condition from a list which is sent or emailed to us. The most ideal situation is that you bring your record collection directly to our shop for us to value. However, we appreciate this isn't always possible.
We have bought hundreds of collections through the mail over the years. Courier companies like Parcel2go have got very reasonable rates for multiple parcel consignments, we also pay half the cost of your postage fees on top of the agreed amount for your collection.
Condition is Important

Our own grading system is based on the one made popular by Record Collector magazine. Unfortunately, there can be great differences in opinion. A Mint record to us, is brand new, unplayed. EX is really that, Excellent, no visible marks or wear. A VG record is not so good, light marks, but no serious scratches or damage. Check our Grading Guide for more information on how we grade records, it's worth bearing it in mind when you send us any lists of LPs you have.
We are often offered records described as Mint, or even MINT+ (!) only to find they are badly marked, or have damaged sleeves. Sleeves are almost as important as the records themselves, so their condition needs to be considered too.
The kinds of records we prefer
Generally we'll take a look at a list of whatever kind of music you have, but be warned that some types of music are worth far less than others. Ideally we like to be sent lists from enthusiasts of a particular type of music, like a Soul, Punk or Heavy Metal collection. Generally, if a record is pop music, particularly from the 1980s, it is of very little value. As we said above, condition is important too, particularly when taking the music type into consideration. 1960s Blues records in well played VG collection still hold good value, while, for example, some 1980s Duran Duran 7" Singles would be of no interest to us at all unless in MINT condition.
Many people who decide to sell their cherished collections have already priced them in the rare record price guide, published by Record Collector magazine. are actually one of the contibutors who help provide the prices within this guide, and it is worth remembering that these prices are not dealer prices, and based on the record being in perfect, spotless condition.
Sometimes we will visit you to buy your collection
Unlike many record dealers, we do travel to see quality collections if they are not too far away, but we do need to have an idea of the size, and type of music within it. Ideally we prefer not to visit personally if your collection is smaller than 300-500 records. That is unless we have already seen a list and are interested in the items you have.

If you do have a genuine cared-for record collection of more than 300 records, then the areas we regularly travel to are North London, Herfordshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. We can travel further if your collection sounds of particular interest.  If you think that we would want to buy your collection and it is worthy of us visiting, then email
Or you can drop your collection off

If you are near enough our North London shop, and can get your collection to us,  then we're happy to price and buy your record collection directly from our store. The best days to bring your record collection are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Alternatively, if we have seen your list and agreed a price, it is possible to drop off your collection at our Milton Keynes mail order address, but by prior arrangement only.
Sending your collection through the mail

If you are in the UK, but too far to get your records to us, then we're happy to accept your lists via email. We can quickly determine if your collection is of value or interest to us, and if you agree our value is acceptable, then collections can be sent to our Milton Keynes address.

We've had many years of experience both with parcel force, and parcel2go. Parcel2go are currently surprisingly cheap to send multiple parcel consignments within the UK. For example 100kg for less than 20. The other advantage of parcel2go is that they will collect your parcels from you directly, then delivery them to us.

You will need to box your records securely for despatch.

How we pay you for your collection

If you bring your records to our shop, we usually pay in cash. If you are bringing a large collection, it's always a good idea to email first so that we can be prepared for your visit.

If we visit you and buy your records from your home, then generally we also pay in cash, or cheque if you prefer.

If you have agreed a price and sent your collection through the post, then we usually send a cheque payment by return. We also pay half your postage costs on top of the agreed amount. Alternatively, we can Paypal your email address once your parcel/s arrive. We do receive many parcels every day, so please do put a note with your address in the top of the parcel.

Or perhaps you prefer to trade?

Yes, we will give you a value for both exchange/trade and cash when we value your records. Our shop also takes CDs, DVDs and videogames, which you can trade against other items in the store.
And finally, where to send your lists

So, in conclusion, if you have a collection of well-kept records you would like to sell, you can email lists to Please also give us an idea of condition, and let us know if any of the items are incomplete.

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Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender EP
Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender EP


Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels - Ridin EP
Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels - Ridin EP


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